Kereta Setan Manggarai (2009) ! True Story ...

Genre: Horror Producer: Zainal Susanto, Se Production: Mitra Pictures & Urn Creations Length: 90Cast: Vera Lasut, Nelly Yustikarini, Ferry Gustian, Ocke Mulyawan R, Ray Thompson Director: Nana Istiabudi Author: Kumar Pareek
Five school children (Rey, Dawn, Fifi, Dado, Key) intend to plan a vacation in the area of West Java, but their journey a little hampered because Dado had to find news of two cousins who never came home after vacation in Bogor. This brings them into a search that initially looks easy
The journey took them kesebuah misleading stalemate, until strange events began to appear one after another. Trying to find help they were running down the rails toward the nearest station. Tired and panic caused them to forget all the messages and stories of his Uncle Dado to not ride the train on Friday night. They ride the train who happened to stop at the station, last train to Jakarta
Sense of security that surrounds them could change drastically when one by one began to feel strange signs, until they realize that this train was also stopped at several stations. The real fear begins. When they were in the locomotive engine, it turns out there was no one there. The train was running alone. They realized that they were in the train devil.

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